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Mariposa Brillante Christmas Ornaments Sandcast Aluminum Ornaments by Mariposa

The first time you see a Mariposa Brillante sandcast aluminum ornament we think that you will feel like we do about these pieces; that they are so amazing they should be displayed all year long. The detailing in each piece from Mariposa is exceptional to say the least.

Each ornament from Mariposa will look stunning when displayed on your Christmas Tree or mantle. When the holidays are over, don't pack these back with your other ornaments. Instead, display them throughout your home or office. Many of these sandcast aluminum ornaments make wonderful accents to centerpieces and bookcases or simply hung from the corner of a mirror or picture frame. So go on, release your interior designer.

All Mariposa ornaments have been discontinued and sold out.

About Mariposa

Mariposa began in 1980 as a small family business that transformed soft-drink bottles down in Mexico into modern glassware. Back then they had no idea that they would eventually become a leader in handmade tableware, embracing the arts of ceramics, aluminum, cutlery, and glass in myriad forms and textures from around the world.

Yet, they were already pursuing several goals. To bring innovative design to a refined, age-old process where little had changed for centuries. To make a local art international — subtle, beautiful, and contemporary.

Mariposa’s many unique collections are a result of our own innovative designers collaborating with superior artisans worldwide to bring the best of foreign cultures back home They have grown gradually from collection to collection, and what allows them to innovate steadily in design and materials is a deep commitment to the artisans themselves.