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Ricci Argentieri

New Sterling Silver Flatware, Silverware

While Ricci is not as well known as other manufacturers in the U.S., they are one of the most respected and renowned silversmiths in all of Europe. Most patterns are based on timeless Italian silverware designs. Click here to learn more about the very high standards of quality Ricci brings to all their products.

If you're not familiar with Ricci, your first thought might be "why is it more expensive than American sterling silver?" It's difficult to explain all differences in words, since it's been said that to truly appreciate fine luxury, you "just know". Practically speaking, Ricci uses a far superior knife blade than their competitors, and the patterns spend a lot more time in the finishing and polishing stages. All patterns are made in a true Continental size, and the serving pieces are magnificent works of art.

The sterling silver collection from Ricci Argentieri is no longer available.

Offerings from Ricci:

Art Deco
Art Deco style was most popular between 1925 and 1940, when it was very much in fashion, then known as Art Moderne. The Art Deco pattern captures the spirit of the period beautifully.

The classic thread border flatware pattern, in sterling silver. You can find a thread border pattern in most manufacturer's offerings, but none of them will make you say "wow" quite like Ascot does..

The Baguettes pattern is very similar to the Milano pattern by Buccellati, but we believe the knife blade is superior on the Baguettes, and you won't have to wait a year for delivery.

Barocco Italiano
Barocco Italiano features a very mild statement on the Baroque period. Fabulous weighty feel.

Named for the renowned sculptor Giovanni Bernini, this sterling silver pattern briefly captures the flourish that Bernini revolutionized sculpture with.

Bernini Satin
Bernini Satin is so named due to its very unique satin finish on sterling silver. Several other manufacturers have tried to mimic the technique, but have not yet succeeded where Ricci has triumphed.

Cellini Sterling Silver Flatware by Ricci

The timeless shell pattern was given an American colonial treatment in the 1700's, but the Cellini pattern stays true to its Italian heritage.

Impero Stainless Flatware by Ricci

The Italian word for "Empire", Impero's design is copied by many other manufacturers, but never duplicated.

Manet Stainless Flatware by Ricci

Manet features the classic bead border design found among many silverware manufacturers. The difference is, Ricci pays much closer attention to the quality of each individual bead.

Meridiani Stainless Flatware by Ricci

The most modern of all Ricci sterling silver designs, Meridiani has a wonderful feel in the hand.

Mirabeau Stainless Flatware by Ricci

Unique design that isn't found among other silver manufacturers, but reminiscent of popular designs at the beginning of the 20th century.

Impero Stainless Flatware by Ricci

Just another plain sterling flatware pattern? Not quite; the finish, polish, and handcrafted quality is far superior that what most American silver buyers are used to.

Selecta Stainless Flatware by Ricci

Selecta's design borrows from Art Deco style, with a more streamlined modern take on the subject.

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