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Sheridan Christmas Ornaments and Gifts Silver Plate and Nickel Plate Gifts by Sheridan

Sometimes that perfect something comes from the place you don't quite expect. We think you just might find that perfect something from our collection of Christmas ornaments and gifts by Sheridan. The Sheridan name may not be the first or even second brand name to come to mind when you think of Christmas ornaments and that's okay. Their gifts can be your secret weapon when it comes to Christmas shopping, for now anyway.

Our Sheridan Christmas ornaments and gifts are simple and elegant. They are manufactured in either silver plate or nickel plate and therefore, they will require very little maintenance each year. Most items can also be engraved, making a simple piece a personal heirloom. Check back often as more ornaments and gifts will be added throughout the holiday season.

Sheridan Silver Pierced Bell Christmas Ornament Pierced Bell Ornament
Nickel Plate Ornament

Sheridan Silver Bell Christmas Ornament
Silver Bell Ornament Nickel Plate Ornament

Sheridan Glass Oval Christmas Ornament
Glass Oval Ornament

Sheridan Glass Tree Christmas Ornament
Glass Tree Ornament

Sheridan Glass Round Christmas Ornament
Glass Round Ornament

Sheridan Hanging Picture Frame Christmas Ornament
Hanging Picture Frame Ornament

Sheridan Angel Ornament w/White Tassel
Angel Ornament w/White Tassel

Sheridan Cross Ornament w/White Tassel
Cross Ornament w/White Tassel

Sheridan Teddy Bear Ornament w/White Tassel
Teddy Bear Ornament w/White Tassel

Sheridan Cross Ornament w/White Tassel
Stocking Ornament w/White Tassel

Sheridan Snowman Ornament w/White Tassel
Snowman Ornament w/White Tassel
Sold Out

Sheridan Double Bell Shaped Ornament w/White Tassel
Double Bell Ornament w/White Tassel

About Sheridan/Creative Gifts

Creative Gifts International, Inc. is a recognized leader in the gift industry as a wholesale importer and distributor. Our products are sold in some of the finest retail stores in the world. Our products are sold under the Sheridan and Taunton brand names, two of the oldest and most respected names in the silver industry.

Creative Gifts International, Inc. started as a silver plated giftware company but over the years we have expanded our assortment to include non-tarnish metal, crystal, leather, glass and wood items.