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Christmas star ornaments are a long held tradition and a favorite for trimming the Christmas tree. These traditional symbols of Christmas, made of gold, silver-plate, Pewter, Sterling, and more, make excellent holiday Christmas gifts and decorations alike.

Some of our most popular designers and manufacturers make an Annual Christmas Star ornament, including:

Hand & Hammer: This rustic, sterling silver iteration of the Christmas star is a yearly favorite.

Reed & Barton: Definitely the most extravagant of the Christmas star ornaments, this sterling design delivers maximum sparkle.

Towle: The most ornate of the bunch, Towle's Annual Star ornament features a six-sided star with snowflakes imprinted.

2021 Mikasa Star, 1st Edition Silverplate

2021 Silver Plate Ornament by Mikasa
Mini Ornament Set, Star Wreath and Tree

Silver Plate Holiday Ornament Set by Nambe
2021 Annual Star, 5th Edition Reed & Barton

2021 Sterling Ornament by Reed & Barton
2021 Annual Star, 25th Ed. Towle Sterling Ornament

2021 Sterling Ornament by Towle
2021 Golden Star

2021 Gold Plate Ornament by Waterford
2021 Mini Ornaments, Set of 3

2021 Crystal Ornament by Waterford
2021 Mini Star

2021 Crystal Ornament by Waterford
2021 Star

2021 Crystal Ornament by Waterford
Holly Star

2020 Silver Plate Ornament by Christofle
Classic Christmas Star Ornament, Large

2020 Crystal Ornament by Swarovski
Renaissance Star

2019 Sterling Ornament by Hand & Hammer
2018 Annual Star, 22nd Ed.

2018 Sterling Ornament by Towle
2018 Mini Star Ornament

2018 Crystal Ornament by Waterford
American Flag

2016 Brass Ornament by Beacon Design
2016 Baby's First Christmas

Christmas Ornament by Orrefors
Pierced Star

2015 Silver Plate Ornament by Wedgwood
2013 Star

2013 Brass Ornament by Chemart
Star of David Ornament

Pewter Ornament by Woodbury
Santa Star

Sterling Ornament by Hand & Hammer
Hand & Hammer Basket of Stars Angel Sterling Ornament

Sterling Ornament by Hand & Hammer
Sweetheart Star

2007 Sterling Ornament by Hand & Hammer
Moravian Star Ornament

2005 Sterling Ornament by Hand & Hammer
Star of Courage

2021 Silver Four Point Star

2021 Silver Three Point Star

2021 Silver Mobile Shooting Star

2021 Gold Four Point Star

2021 Gold Three Point Star

2021 Gold Mobile Shooting Star