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Sterling Silver Baby Cups

Celebrate the arrival of a newborn with a truly timeless heirloom like a silver baby cup. Each of our exquisite sterling silver baby cups are gift-boxed, with most made right here in the USA! Choose from a variety of styles, including plain silver baby cups, silver baby cups with beaded handles and edges, and silver baby cups with more intricate designs (like floral borders, teddy bears, and more). This truly is a opulent gift for new parents who want to mark the occasion of their child's birth with lasting, sentimental products.

Help mark the occasion by having your sterling silver baby cup engraved with your child's name, date of birth, and other sweet little details -- whatever they may be.

Make your silver baby cup an heirloom gift!

Each silver baby cup cup is gift-boxed, and is made in the USA (most Cunill cups are made in Barcelona, Spain). Don't forget to add that personal touch by having your silver baby cup engraved! An engraved silver baby cup is a gift for a lifetime!

We also offer baby cups in silverplate, pewter and stainless steel!