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Candy Canes

Our fun and festive candy cane ornaments add a shiny new silver touch to an old design favorite. When it comes to Christmas time, you can't go wrong with one of our silver candy cane ornaments. Purchase a candy cane ornament in plain silver, for a more vintage, classic feel. Or, you can get one of our enameled candy cane ornaments, which are brighter and more colorful. No matter which you choose, it's a timeless touch to have at least one candy cane ornament on your Christmas tree.

2021 Wallace Candy Cane Ornament 41st Edition Gold Plate

2021 Gold Plate Ornament by Wallace
2021 Golden Candy Cane

2021 Gold Plate Ornament by Waterford
Candy Cane

Sterling Ornament by Hand & Hammer
Christmas Tree Candy Cane Bell

Porcelain Ornament by Spode