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Deco French Sauce Spoon

Deco by Sambonet

Deco French Sauce Spoon

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Price: $14.95
Item Number: SB23-52503-69
Length: 7.13"


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The Deco French Sauce Spoon by Sambonet measures 7.13 ". Sambonet's Deco pattern features a box-shape handle design, with a two-stage square at the end of each tapered handle. The double-thread border is repeated on each side of the knife, with extra length to the bowl of the spoons and extra long tines of the forks. The handle is Art-Deco as the name implies. It is one of the most popular styles, and with its traditional styling will coordinate with any style of formal tableware. Each piece is made of top quality 18/10 Stainless Steel, and is hallmarked with the Sambonet logo, which adds a luxurious touch to each piece. Sambonet Deco is designed and crafted for use in the finest restaurants, but is perfect for your home, and is completely dishwasher safe. The Deco French sauce spoon looks much like a regular spoon with some noticeable differences. It has a thinner edge, flattened bowl, and a distinctive notch on one side of it. The size and shape is most similar to that of a dessert spoon. The French sauce spoon design helps scoop a sauce from a plate easily, without tipping the plate. The purpose of the notch on the side is intended to allow oil or fat to drain away from the sauce, or function in a way thats comparable to the fish knife.

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