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Fortessa Bistro Gold Accent Stainless Flatware

The Fortessa Bistro Gold Accent pattern is classic and contemporary. This is designed with a banded cuff at the base and top of each handle. The handles are oval in shape to give a wonderful feel in your hands. They also are nicely balanced and have a nice weight to them. The design continues to the back side of the flatware also. This set also comes with many different pieces such as the iced teaspoons which are becoming harder to find in many patterns. This is also dishwasher safe.

Flatware data

Weight (5pc): N/A
Metal Grade: 18/10
Metal Finish: Shiny / Bright
Pattern Type:Unique

Fortessa - Bistro Gold Accent Flatware

5pc Place Setting Flatware lengths

Salad Fork: 7.1"
Table Fork: 8.1"
Table Knife: 9.6"
Oval Soup Spoon: 7.1"
Teaspoon: 6"

Additional Place Setting Flatware lengths

Espresso Spoon: 5"
Ice Tea Spoon: 8"

Serving Flatware lengths

Serving Fork: 9"
Serving Spoon: 9"

Place Setting Pieces

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Additional Place Setting Pieces

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