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Linear French Sauce Spoon

Sambonet Linear Silverplate on Stainless Flatware

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Item Number: SB89-52713-69

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The Linear French Sauce Spoon by Sambonet measures 6.88 ". Sambonet's Linear features a modern design with a long, thin rounded handle that flows out of a very thin neck underneath the bowl of each piece. The end of each handle is rounded, revealing a contemporary profile that is very smooth. The Linear silverplate French sauce spoon looks much like a regular spoon with some noticeable differences. It has a thinner edge, flattened bowl, and a distinctive notch on one side of it. The size and shape is most similar to that of a dessert spoon. The French sauce spoon design helps scoop a sauce from a plate easily, without tipping the plate. The purpose of the notch on the side is intended to allow oil or fat to drain away from the sauce, or function in a way that's comparable to the fish knife.

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