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Linear Silverplate Moka Spoon

Sambonet Linear Silverplate on Stainless Flatware

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Price: $21.95
Item Number: SB89-52713-37
Length: 4.38"


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Moka Spoon, 4-3/8 See all pieces in Sambonet Linear Stainless Flatware. Price: $7.95 Item Number: SB18-52513-37 Length: 4.38" $7.95 Quantity 1 ADD TO CART Need to make a gift registry? Click Here! The Linear Moka Spoon by Sambonet measures 4.38 ". Sambonet's Linear features a modern design with a long, thin rounded handle that flows out of a very thin neck underneath the bowl of each piece. The end of each handle is rounded, revealing a contemporary profile that is very smooth. The bowls of the spoons are beautifully rounded, the forks have extra long tines, and with its simple styling will coordinate with any style of tableware, plain or complex, casual or contemporary formal. Each piece is made of silverplate, and is backstamped Sambonet, which adds a luxurious touch to each piece. Sambonet Linear is designed and crafted for use in the finest restaurants, but is perfect for your home, and is completely dishwasher safe.

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