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Couzon Consul Table Fork

Consul Stainless Flatware by Couzon

Couzon Consul Table Fork

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Price: $16.95
Item Number: JC148305
Length: 8.38"

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The Consul Table Fork by Couzon measures 8.38". Consul's design is based on an old Italian design that is popular in high-end flatware. Made in a shiny, high-polished finish. The Consul stainless flatware pattern by Couzon is dishwasher safe. You may also like Impero or Imperia by Ricci. If you are looking for extra pieces in this pattern such as iced teaspoons, steak knives or bouillon spoons, Savoy stainless flatware by Fortessa is a good choice. The Consul by Couzon pattern is also available with gold accent.

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