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FAQ: Is the old silverware better than the new silverware?

For the vast majority of sterling patterns, there is no difference in quality or weight between the two. A few patterns that have been brought back into production have been altered slightly, but this represents only a handful of patterns.

A popular myth exists that "old" silver is of better quality than newly produced silverware. The older silverware has already developed its own beautiful soft glow, called "patina", after years of use. The tarnish also develops in the grooves of the design, which further showcases the detailing. New silverware will also acquire this glow and detail-enhancement after a few years of use.

It is true that years ago one could special order "heavyweight" silverware, but there are very few of those pieces in existence, and they sell for a premium price. Some patterns, such as Grande Baroque by Wallace, can still be purchased in heavyweight form (in the Continental size only).

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