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(pronounced nom-BAY)

Nambe is perfect for your entertaining needs, blending naturally with silver, crystal, and china. Enjoy the beauty of silver without the maintenance, and the versatility of the Nambe metal alloy to retain cold and heat for hours.



Nambe Copper Canyon Collection
Copper Canyon Collection





Picture Frames

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What is Nambé?

Nambé possesses a certain mystique. Partly it's their very name and its connections to the landscape, culture and history of their origins. Nambé (pronounced nom-BAY) was christened for a tiny village near Santa Fe in Northern New Mexico where the company was founded in 1951.The alloy was originally designed for military use, due to its superior ability to retain both hot and cold temperatures. In the late 1940's, it was replaced by titanium, which was lighter in weight. Due to its unique properties, it can only be manufactured in elevations over 5000 feet.

But there's more to it, this mystique, which makes Nambé the "lifestyle" brand valued by people who love simple, elegant designs and love to share them with others.

The most distinguishing characteristic of Nambé is that the company is devoted as passionately to form as it is to function. Many early Nambé designs (Tri-Corner and Butterfly bowls, for instance) still sell briskly. This dedication to design defines Nambé. Timeless art you can use every day.

Early on, discerning buyers and customers of prestigious stores discovered Nambé. Museums added Nambé to their collections and exhibits. For its beauty, quality and heirloom value, Nambé became a favorite gift, especially for brides. The collection grew and became a world brand.

In 1998, Nambé introduced the collection of Nambé full-lead crystal, in 2001, Nambé lighting, and in 2003, Nambé porcelain. Additional collections and other exciting news about Nambé are always happening. Stay tuned!