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Stainless Steel Flatware

Not sure where to begin? This is a great place to start! Choose the style that fits you the best, and view all of those patterns on one page.

You can also browse are Stainless Flatware by Manufacturer, or Stainless Flatware by Country pages.

3-Tine Forks

8 patterns available
Most tend to be Scandinavian in style.

Baguette / English

16 patterns available
Patterns with a ridge down the center often called Baguette or English.

Bead Border

16 patterns available
Limited to patterns that have a beaded border encircling the handle.


1 pattern available
This category tends to fluctuate fairly often, since it's such a specialty design.

Colonial style

16 patterns available
Old-school with patterns inspired by 18th century flatware design.

Complete Sets for under $100

56 patterns available
This page is devoted to patterns that offer a complete service for 8 for under $100.

Complete Sets for under $200

Epoch stainless flatware, silverware by Yamazaki

30 patterns available
Want to step up a notch? Devoted to patterns that offer a complete service for 12 for under $200.

Continental size

39 patterns available
Patterns with larger forks, knives, and soup spoons in the traditional European size.

Floral designs

18 patterns available
Roses, buttercups, garden themes, and delicate floral accents.

Gold flatware

28 patterns available
Some patterns feature gold accents, and some are completely gold-plated.


13 patterns available
The web's biggest collection of hammered style flatware, all on one page.

Heavy weight

Top 30 heaviest patterns.
Out of over 500 patterns we carry, these are the heaviest in the industry.

Iced Tsp available

59 patterns available
All of the flatware patterns that have iced teaspoons available are on this page.

Kids sized

9 patterns available
Sized just right for little hands.

Lightly Accented

44 patterns available
Lightly accented, just to keep it from being too plain, but not too gaudy.


37 patterns available
Contemporary, sleek, modern.

Not made in China

61 patterns available
We've had lots of requests for this list. None of these patterns are made in China.

Patterns with Cocktail Forks

Many patterns available
These are some of our favorites!


86 patterns available
Clean, shiny, and no design accents whatsoever. Let your plates do the talking!

Round Handles

25 patterns available
Completely round, and mostly round handles, which as a result can also be quite heavy.

Satin & Frosted

50 patterns available
Includes patterns with brushed finishes, & bead-blasted frosted finishes.


19 patterns available
Many feature 3-tine forks, and most have brushed finishes.

Southwest Flatware

4 patterns available
Includes patterns with standing knives.

Standing Knives

10 patterns available
Includes patterns with standing knives.


19 patterns available
Very unusual designs that don't fit in the above categories very easily.

Serrated Knife

220 patterns available
These patterns feature Serrated Knifes.

Patterns with matching Steak Knives

46 patterns available
These patterns have matching Steak Knives.

Black Stainless

7 patterns available
These patterns feature Black Stainless.

Colored Handles

14 patterns available
These patterns feature Colored Handles.

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