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Sterling Silver Flatware

Not sure where to begin? This is a great place to start! Choose the style that fits you the best, and view all of those patterns on one page.

Beaded Border

9 Patterns Available
The beaded border design is one of the most enduring styles, with every manufacturer offering at least one beaded pattern.

Colonial Style

7 patterns available
Patterns that are inspired by traditional 18th century flatware designs.


4 patterns available
Steel patterns tend to offer more contemporary designs, but you can find a few in sterling silver.

Continental Size

30 patterns available
Continental size is characterized by a huge dinner fork, knife, and soup spoon, with smallish salad forks and teaspoons.

Floral Designs

6 patterns available
The softness of sterling silver allows craftsmen to offer superbly detailed floral designs.

Gold Flatware

3 patterns available
These patterns offer 24K gold trim atop sterling silver.

Lightly Accented

11 patterns available
Just a little bit of design accents to define the style, but not too much.


7 patterns available
No bare spaces are left untouched. This section features the pinnacle of flatware artistry.


6 patterns available
Let's keep it very simple, yes? Clean, sleek, and beautiful.