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Ornate Designs

Sterling silver flatware, silverware

These designs can only be found in sterling silver, since the metal is soft enough to shape into these glorious works of art. Prices are shown for comparison purposes only; please click on the link for up-to-date pricing information.

Floral patterns are in a separate section, and can be found by clicking here.

Need an opinion on which pattern is right for you? Call an expert at 1-800-426-3057 for advice on helping you find your best match. We don't have commissioned salespersons, just friendly and helpful people who've been with the Silver Superstore for many years.

Ornate Patterns:

Sir Christopher sterling silver flatware by Wallace Silversmiths

Sir Christopher
Manufactured by Gorham
Based on the cathedral designs of Sir Christopher Wren, once England's royal architect.
4pc place setting: $749.95

Francis I First 1 sterling silver flatware, silverware by Reed and Barton

Francis I
Manufactured by Reed & Barton
This pattern belongs on the "Floral" patterns page, but being one of the most popular patterns, we couldn't leave it off the Ornate list.
4pc place setting: $563.95

Gorham La Scala sterling silver flatware, silverware

La Scala
Manufactured by Gorham
Some floral accent, but we placed it here instead.
4pc place setting: $749.95

Grande Baroque sterling silver flatware by Wallace Silversmiths

Grand Baroque
Manufactured by Wallace Silversmiths
The number one selling sterling silver pattern.
4pc place setting: $849.95

Towle King Richard sterling silverware

King Richard
Manufactured by Towle Silversmiths
Regal design named for Richard the Lionhearted.
4pc place setting: $749.95

Grand Duchess sterling silverware by Towle

Grand Duchess
Manufactured by Towle Silversmiths
The center oval appears to be suspended in midair.
4pc place setting: $749.95

Made-to-Order Patterns: (can take up to 18 months for delivery)

Queens sterling silver flatware, silverware by Walalce Silversmiths

Manufactured by Wallace Silversmiths
Very traditional "Kings" style pattern.
4pc place setting: $869.95

Georgian sterling silver flatware by Towle Silversmiths

Manufactured by Towle Silversmiths
Very direct Greek column design.
4pc place setting: $1119.95

Towle Old Colonial sterling silver flatware

Old Colonial
Manufactured by Towle Silversmiths
Unique ridges on the forks and spoon bowls.
4pc place setting: $959.95

Gorham Medici sterling silver

Manufactured by Gorham
Ornate carvings surround a sleek, clean line for a mysterious effect.
4pc place setting: $1119.95

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