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Towle Silversmiths

New Sterling Silver Flatware, Silverware

Towle Silversmiths can trace its roots back to the year 1690, and remains one of the country's most prestigious silver manufacturers. Its history is intertwined with the creation of Lunt Silversmiths, but the two companies are not connected.

Today, Towle Silversmiths is owned by the Lifetime Brands corporation, which also produces Wallace Silversmiths and the International Silver Company products. We've heard the name pronounced several different ways over the years, but the correct pronunciation sounds like "toll".

Offerings from Towle Silversmiths:

Towle Chippendale sterling silver

Inspired by the famous furniture maker, Thomas Chippendale. If you would prefer a bolder statement, be sure to see English Chippendale by Reed and Barton.

Towle French Provincial sterling silver

French Provincial
A quieter take on French Renaissance design. If the flagship Towle pattern "Old Master" has too much design work for you, but you like the overall shape, this is an excellent and popular choice.

Towle Grand Duchess sterling silver

Grand Duchess
This is one of our favorite patterns, and the design appears to keep the monogram circle suspended in mid-air. Beautifully done scroll work, and a tasteful floral accent.

Towle King Richard sterling silver

King Richard
The unique oval surrounded by tiny beadwork has inspired questions about its origin, and relation to its namesake, King Richard the Lionhearted. Unfortunately, Towle doesn't have good notes about this pattern from the designer.

Towle Old Master sterling silver

Old Master
Towle's most popular pattern, introduced in 1942. Old Master features a wide variety of available items.

Towle Old Newbury sterling silver

Old Newbury
Most silver manufacturers have a beaded border pattern, and Towle's offering features an apex, rather than a rounded end. You may also like Triumph by Tuttle, which is very, very heavy.

Towle Old Newbury Gold sterling silver

Old Newbury Gold
Old Newbury Gold is currently the only sterling silver pattern available with a gold-accented border encompassing the entire length of the handle.

Towle Queen Elizabeth sterling silver

Queen Elizabeth
Named for the last ruler of the Tudor dynasty, and namesake of the Elizabethan era. Queen Elizabeth is a weighty pattern that remains one of Towle's most popular in sterling silver

Made To Order Patterns

Towle Benjamin Franklin sterling silver

Benjamin Franklin
Traditional fiddle shape body, thread border, and shell design.

Towle Candlelight sterling silver

The original, and still the best! Candlelight was introduced in 1934, and several years later a host of imitators was released by rival silver manufacturers

Towle Celtic Weave Gold sterling silver

Celtic Weave Gold
One of the most unique sterling silver patterns available, featuring a very complex Celtic knotwork design.

Towle Colonial Thread sterling silver

Colonial Thread
Very traditional teardrop shape body with threaded border. Ideal for custom engraving.

Towle Craftsman sterling silver

Craftsman was introduced in 1932, but it still keeps a modern feel to it with a chiseled edge. Pairs well with contemporary and classic dinnerware.

Towle El Grandee sterling silver

El Grandee
El Grandee incorporates some of the Baroque flair and curves found in Grande Baroque by Wallace, but with more of a Spanish flavor and pierced handles.

Towle Fontana sterling silver

Fontana features a subtle Victorian flair, similar to Hampton Court by Reed and Barton. It debuted in 1956, at the beginning of a Victorian revival in popular design.

Towle Georgian sterling silver

Originally called "Grecian", due to its well-stated column design, which appears on both sides of the handles.

Towle Legato sterling silver

Frequently confused with Fontana, but with more pronounced scroll work. Legato is the musical term for "tied together", when two notes are played continuously without an interruption.

Towle Old Colonial sterling silver

Old Colonial
The most unique feature of Old Colonial is the chiseled grooves in the bowls of the spoons and the forks. Introduced in 1895

Towle Old Lace sterling silver

Old Lace
Delicate lace border, in a squared body.

Towle Rambler Rose sterling silver

Rambler Rose
Revived under Towle's Made-To-Order program, Rambler Rose is one of the few remaining sterling silver patterns with the ornate design cascading down the center of the handle.

Towle Spanish Provincial sterling silver

Spanish Provincial
Towle is unique in that it offers two patterns inspired by Spanish art and architecture, this pattern and El Grandee (shown above).

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