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New Sterling Silver Flatware, Silverware

The Tuttle Silver Company is part of the Lifetime Brands family of silver companies, which include Wallace Silversmiths, Towle Silversmiths, and the International Silver Company. The current patterns in the Prestige Collection are reissues of International Silver Company patterns in a very, very heavy weight.

If very heavyweight sterling silverware is one of your favorite characteristics, then your next sterling silver pattern is on this page. Each piece is made in a very heavy strike of sterling silver, and has a great "Wow!" factor when you hold an item in your hand.

Offerings from this manufacturer:

Tuttle Pantheon sterling silver flatware, silverware

The best-selling pattern in the Tuttle line, and the best columnar design among all silver manufacturers.

Tuttle Trianon sterling silver flatware, silverware

Similar in concept to the Pantheon pattern, but not quite as popular.

Tuttle Triumph sterling silver flatware, silverware

Most silver manufacturers have a beaded border pattern, but none of them are close to the overall weight of Triumph.

Made To Order Patterns:

Tuttle Continental sterling silver flatware, silverware

It's heavy, it's plain, and it's large. The chiseled look of Continental is great for matching with china that's contemporary or classic

Tuttle Lamerie sterling silver flatware, silverware

LaMerie is an updated take on the traditional Kings-style patterns, with straight gadroon edges, and a regal crown

Tuttle Luzon sterling silver flatware, silverware

Luzon features a wider handle and heavier strike than the similar English Onslow by Wallace, or the French Regency by Wallace. If you favor heavy weight, choose Luzon, otherwise we'd recommend the English Onslow.

Tuttle Richelieu sterling silver flatware, silverware

Features an explosion of ornate design, made popular by King Francis I; the namesake for the very popular Francis I sterling silver flatware pattern by Reed and Barton

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