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Hafnia Stainless Flatware, Silverware by Yamazaki

Yamazaki Hafnia is inspired by traditional Scandanavian design, but the designers at Yamazaki go much further than that. This is probably the most comfortable flatware pattern we offer (out of over 500 stainless flatware patterns).

Start with the curvature of the handle - the upturn at the end of the handle means that the end rests upon your index metacarpal, and curves up at just the right point. The bowls of the spoons and the forks are meticulously hand-finished, and shaped for maximum comfort. Really. This isn't marketing fluff, we've actually used this pattern, and several friends of staff members have purchased it for their homes.

Very heavy weight, brushed finish, premium 18/8 quality. Hafnia has a smaller knife, which requires a lot less effort to apply force to your food. We highly recommend this pattern.

We are no longer able to offer any discounts on Hafnia.

Flatware data

Weight (5pc): This pattern Weight is 318 grams
Metal Grade: 18/8
Metal Finish: Brushed
Pattern Type: Scandinavian
Photo Item Retail Our Price Quantity
Yamazaki Hafnia Stainless 5-pc Place Setting 5-pc Place Setting
Out of Stock until August 2020
$117.00 $84.95

Place Setting Pieces in Hafnia

Photo Item Retail Our Price Quantity
Dinner Fork
Out of Stock until August 2020
$27.50 $17.50
Dinner Knife
Out of Stock until August 2020
$40.00 $23.95
Oval Soup Spoon
Out of Stock until August 2020
$27.50 $16.50
Salad Fork
Out of Stock until August 2020
$34.50 $15.85
Out of Stock until August 2020
$35.00 $26.95

Serving Pieces in Hafnia

Photo Item Retail Our Price Quantity
Yamazaki Hafnia Stainless Butter Knife Butter Serving Knife $35.00 $20.95
Yamazaki Hafnia Stainless Gravy Ladle Gravy Ladle
1 left in stock
$61.75 $49.95
Yamazaki Hafnia Stainless Pierced Serving Spoon Pierced Serving Spoon
1 left in stock
$61.75 $49.95
  Serving Fork, Large
1 left in stock
$55.00 $32.95
Yamazaki Hafnia Stainless Serving Spoon Serving Spoon, 8-1/8" $61.75 $49.95

From one of our valued customers:

I received the Hafnia yesterday and it is just great; I love it. It's unique and its configuration and the finish are perfect for the mountains where I live...You have a great facility with its wide variation of inventory. I'm very glad that I ran into it, quite be accident actually, but I will be back I'm sure.

About Yamazaki:

One of the most respected manufacturers of stainless steel products in the world began in 1918 as a family operation making functional items in copper, silver and brass. Founded in Tsubame, Japan, near the northwest coast of Honshu Island and approximately 200 miles from Tokyo, the company quickly was recognized for extremely high quality wares.

In the early 1930’s, the founder, Mr. Fumitoki Yamazaki was instrumental in the introduction of stainless steel into Japan. His efforts resulted in the growth of the region into the preeminent supplier of stainless steel flatware for the world market. Having developed unique expertise in tool making and creation of specialized machinery to manufacture the most difficult designs, Yamazaki Kinzoku Kogyo became the destination of choice for many of the world’s most recognized names in flatware. The company made products for hundreds of companies, putting their name onto the back of tableware that still graces many fine tables both in the US and in Europe. Today, fine flatware, made by Yamazaki and bearing other company names, remains popular in many countries.

In 1985, the youngest son and current chairman of the company, Mr. Etsuji Yamazaki took over the reigns of leadership from his eldest brother. Ably assisted by his three brothers , Kaoru, Hiroshi, and Chisei, Mr. Yamazaki continued the growth of the company and its dominance in the area.

In 1980, believing that his company was able to make even finer products than his customers were designing, Mr. Yamazaki and his family decided to launch a line of the finest flatware from world famous designers under the family name – Yamazaki. Introduced in the US, this series of patterns has grown into a collection that genuinely reflects “The Art of Dining.” In 1991, the company was recognized for its technical and artistic abilities by the Nobel foundation and became the first company outside of Sweden to produce the flatware used at their annual awards banquet.

Each pattern produced under the Yamazaki name, in both his own factory and in his worldwide “sister” factories bears the characteristics for which Yamazaki is recognized. Only the best stainless steel is used. Intricate tooling and die work is made to create designs that inspire designers to stretch even further into beauty in form and function. The tines of the forks are carefully polished, the bowls of the spoons are gracefully formed, and the blades of the knives are perfectly sharpened to insure that the result is equal to the best prepared meals. Serving pieces in every pattern are designed to compliment that specific design, not to be “cookie cutter” items to go with everything. Mr. Yamazaki and his family would have it no other way.

In 2003, for the first time in history, Mr. Yamazaki permitted a giftware design to be produced and carry his signature. The “Signature Series” of tabletop and gift items carry his name for one simple reason … they uphold his vision of creating the finest in stainless steel tableware.

The company welcomes you to join with it in experiencing fine products in your home. Please, enjoy the “Art of Dining.”

5pc Place Setting Includes:

  • Salad Fork
  • Dinner Fork
  • Dinner Knife
  • Oval Soup Spoon
  • Teaspoon

Flatware lengths

Salad Fork: 6 1/2"
Dinner Fork: 7 1/8"
Dinner Knife: 8 1/8"
Soup Spoon: 7 1/8"
Teaspoon: 6 1/8"