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Reed and Barton New Sterling Silver Flatware, Silverware

New Sterling Silver Flatware, Silverware

The company began as a manufacturer of high grade pewter, known as Brittania, and in 1826 the company was bought out by two of its craftsmen, Henry G. Reed and Charles Barton. The company first started producing sterling silver flatware in 1889. Reed and Barton is best know for being a stickler about producing only high quality items, and they refuse to dabble in lower-priced silver items.

For more than 187 years, Reed & Barton has enjoyed a longstanding reputation as one of the country's foremost marketers of fine tableware and giftware. Reed & Barton products are renowned for their superb design and superior craftsmanship. In addition to flatware, stemware and dinnerware, the Reed & Barton name also graces a full complement of unique giftware including picture frames, children's gifts, crystal and metal serveware, Christmas ornaments, and hardwood chests. For stylish entertaining, cherished gifts or simply making everyday a little more beautiful, Reed & Barton flatware is the choice for those with discriminating taste.

Today, Reed and Barton only produces four patterns. Those patterns are 18th Century, Francis I, Burgundy and Pointed Antique. All other patterns have been retired.

All Reed and Barton sterling patterns are discontinued. The only patterns with pieces still available are 18th Century, Francis I, Burgundy, and Pointed Antique.

Offerings from Reed & Barton:

Reed and Barton 18th Century Silverware

18th Century
One of the more popular designs for new brides. Available with a standard Place size or the larger Dinner size.

Reed and Barton Francis I Silverware

Francis I
Francis I (commonly called Francis First) features a different fruit design on each piece, and took 3 years to complete.

Reed and Barton Burgundy Silverware

Sister pattern of Francis I, shown below. Burgundy lends itself to engraving more readily, of course. Inspired by the French Renaissance with motifs of scrolls, leaves and flowers.

Reed and Barton Pointed Antique Silverware

Pointed Antique
Classic plain design, which is an authentic reproduction of the original design by Paul Revere.

Reed and Barton American Federal Silverware

American Federal
Tasteful, subtle beaded border accent on a federalist design.

Reed and Barton English Chippendale Silverware

English Chippendale
This pattern is an adaptation from one of cabinet maker Thomas Chippendale's designs called the "double scroll".

Reed and Barton Grande Renaissance Silverware

Grand Renaissance
One of Reed and Barton's more ornate designs, inspired by the decorative motifs of the Renaissance.

Reed and Barton Hampton Court Silverware

Hampton Court
Moderately popular, understated Victorian design.

Reed and Barton Love Disamred Silverware

Love Disarmed
Love Disarmed is currently the most ornate pattern in sterling silver flatware today.

Reed and Barton Marlborough Silverware

One of the more overlooked patterns in sterling flatware, which continues to amaze us. It's identical in weight and design complexity to patterns that cost twice as much.

Reed and Barton Spanish Baroque Silverware

Spanish Baroque
First made in 1965, inspired by the Baroque period.

Reed and Barton Tara Silverware

Multi-contoured floral design embedded within gentle scrolls. It's inspired by the Rococo design period, but you won't hear Reed and Barton trumpeting that fact.

Reed and Barton Williamsburg Shell Silverware

Williamsburg Shell
Williamsburg Shell is licensed for manufacture by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, and this pattern is one of the few available with a traditional shell design.

Reed and Barton Williamsburg Queen Anne Silverware

Williamsburg Queen Anne
Also licensed by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. It doesn't get any more colonial than this.

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