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How do I sell my silver flatware?

The Silver Superstore currently only offers new flatware, and we don't purchase or sell any previously owned items. However, we're always happy to give you our best advice on how to sell your items.

Selling your sterling silver flatware

There are many ways to sell your sterling silverware, and depending on how much time you would like to put into selling it will determine how much you can get for it. Here are some outlets you might try:

Private Party - Private party: Will likely pay you more than other methods, but this route does require more time and effort. You might consider a newspaper ad, or an auction, but be careful in an auction that you set a minimum reserve at a fair price. Also, an auction typically takes 10-20% in commission for the sale. Many people have success with online auction services, such as or free classified advertisting on Craig's List.

Silver Dealer - A faster sale requiring little effort, but you won't make as much as if you had sold it to a private party. Some silver dealers pay either by the ounce, or by the pieces you have. We highly recommend Michele's of Austin, Texas, one of the largest silver dealers in the US, at 1-800-332-4693, or via email at

Pawn shop or "We Buy Gold and Silver" offers - You will likely receive the least amount for your silver here, typically $20-30 per troy ounce, or less than the scrap price. This is a fast way to sell with little effort (but a small return). Please note that knives are usually counted as 1/2 ounce, since the handles are hollow.

How much is your stuff worth?

That's a relative thing, of course. Someone who already has your pattern is going to pay more than someone who would simply resell it. If your pattern isn't listed on our website, you might find approximate values of your items on a site like

Selling your silverplated flatware

Silverplate flatware doesn't have a melt value like sterling silverware, and with a lower silver content, it is generally worth much less than sterling silver. However, more popular patterns have a following, and there are people searching for pieces they've lost over the years.

Pawn shops will typically not buy silverplated flatware, but silver dealers such as Replacements will. You can also get a price list from their website.

Private party sales are also an option for you.

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