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Stainless Care

Many of our customers use automatic dishwashers every day, and are pleased with the results. Stainless steel is dishwasher-safe and easy to maintain. Follow these few simple hints to ensure that your stainless steel flatware lasts for many years.

  • We recommend that you hand-wash your new stainless flatware before your first use.
  • Rinse foods from flatware, especially those with high salt content like butter.
  • Avoid soaking stainless flatware in water for a prolonged period of time or overnight.
  • Keep your knives separated in their own basket, with blades pointed down.
  • Try using less detergent, and avoid ones with lemon or chlorides if possible.
  • Use a silver polish, stainless steel polish, or Bar Keeper's Friend to remove spots.
  • Always wash gold plated stainless steel separately. The ideal method for washing gold and/or frosted stainless flatware is by hand.

With better stainless, it's possible that you will see orange discolored spots after use. This discoloration can be caused by ingredients found in tea, coffee, salad dressing, vinegar, and salt. Hard water and foods with a high salt content (such as butter) can cause these spots to appear during the hot dry cycle in your dishwasher. Minerals in the water will also stick to metal items, and at high temperatures can cause the orange spots. Most often, you will see these spots on the knife blades, since many of the finer stainless steel patterns use a higher carbon content steel alloy (which gives you a sharper blade). The down side to high performance blades is that they tend to attract spots easier.

If stubborn stains or rust spots occur, you can remove them using a non-abrasive stainless or metal polish found in most grocery and hardware stores, as well as the Silver Superstore.