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Heavyweight Flatware

The patterns below are considered heavy weight and extra heavyweight stainless steel flatware sets. When viewing the patterns, you will see the weight of a single 5 Piece Place Setting represented by a weight symbol within the “Flatware Data” portion. The silverware sets below are 4 and 5 weight patterns on a scale of 1 to 5, meaning they are the heaviest flatware sets we offer.

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Available Patterns:

Kya - Manufactured by Mikasa

High arch, high polish finish.

5pc place setting: $39.95

Wave - Manufactured by Towle

Wavy, contemporary, and slender handles with a shiny finish.

5pc place setting: $14.95

Swivel - Manufactured by Yamazaki

The handles feel as if they are slightly hollow, but it's still one of the heaviest patterns in existence.

5pc place setting: $50.96

Capri - Manufactured by Ricci

Very squared, and very well finished.

5pc place setting: $84.95

Bramasole - Manufactured by Ricci

Rounded handles, somewhat slender.

5pc place setting: $34.95

Akademia - Manufactured by Sambonet

Continental Size with wide handles.

5pc place setting: $84.95

Coquille - Manufactured by Ginkgo

Shell design on the handle bottoms

5pc place setting: $29.95

Additional Heavyweight Flatware Patterns

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